16 Baby Point Road Toronto ON M6S 2E9
Sunday Services 10:20 am
Sun, Jun 23rd - 10:30am
Summer Services begin

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Our Sunday School

Sunday School at Humbercrest takes place during the church service.  Children are asked to sit with their parents until it is time for Sunday School at which point they go downstairs to the West Hall which is located directly under the sanctuary.  Our curriculum is based on Seasons of the Spirit, a Canadian publication and includes:  

  • Gathering time in the west hall
  • Bible story, reflection on the lesson and prayer
  • Music and song
  • Activities for children who are both content to create at the table, and those who need to move around.

Parents interested in having their children attend Sunday School should contact the church office for more information.

Our Sunday School Coordinator:

Meredith Gries is a psychology undergraduate at the University of Toronto, and she has been a part of the Humbercrest United community since her baptism as an infant. Her Sunday School lessons focus mainly on the simplification and explanation of Bible scripture, as well as discussions about the Church seasons and Bible structure. Everyday examples which the children  and youth can relate to are used to make bible lessons more accessible and understandable. In particular, there is a on focus what can be learned from our weekly bible story, and how our Sunday Schoolers can practically apply these teachings to their day-to-day lives.
Our Sunday School is interactive and informal, with lots of group discussions and questioning during the lesson. The children are encouraged to actively participate by generating and sharing their ideas with the group. We follow our discussion with fun, lesson-related crafts and games, where we touch base about our past week and hear about each other’s lives. We have a different mix of kids every week, and newcomers are always welcome!