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The Season of Epiphany

Take up his song of peace and go into the world.
Take up his song of peace in every moment.
In every moment of the journey,
We’re laying down our lives;
Lay them down, in peace,
Lay them down,
And take up his song.

– Take Up His Song, More Voices #213

Christmas is over and we are in what is known as the season of Epiphany.  Like the song above implies, we are focusing now on responding to the joy and hope we found at Christmas with the birth of the Christ child.  Now that we have recommitted ourselves to welcoming Christ into our hearts, how will we respond with our lives, in our actions and our relationships? How will we live the Gospel message?

This year the call to respond and to share hope and peace seems particularly urgent with the impact of the climate crisis being felt around our world and political tensions around the world causing fear and uncertainty.

It can seem overwhelming at times, but as the days grow slowly longer, as spring makes its inevitable return we are reminded that every bit of love we show, every action we make toward right relationship with our environment and our neighbours will bring light to a world too often clouded with sadness and injustice.

Whether you are needing more hope in your life, or you are feeling like you need to take action to help bring more hope into this world, we hope that you will consider visiting us here at Humbercrest United.

There is a light shining in the darkness.

Rev.  Jessica McCrae

A welcoming and inclusive church; we walk with Christ
through changing times with faith and hope.

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