Our Staff

Our Minister: Rev. Jessica McCrae

Rev. Jessica McCrae joined Humbercrest United in 2011 after serving pastoral charges in Montreal and Ottawa and London Conferences. Committed to the work of renewal ministry, Jessica is working with Humbercrest to explore ways to grow, reflect our faith and continue to be a beacon of hope in this changed and changing world.  She is very excited about the courage and creativity being embraced by the church and is looking forward to seeing where this journey takes us next!

 In her free time Jessica enjoys writing, travel, knitting, and curling up with a good book or binge watching something on Netflix.

Our Music Director: Melvin Hurst

Mel was invited to join Humbercrest  as the Director of Music in 2004 after a twenty-three year tenure at Kingsway Baptist Church. 

His academic preparation includes an  A.R.C.T. (Associate Diploma with the Royal Conservatory) in piano, a B.Ed. with Distinction (University of Sask.) and M.Mus. (University of Oregon, USA) in choral literature. This graduate degree included studies in Ludwigsburg, Germany. He had the good fortune to study with outstanding German musicians, notably Helmut Rilling, a scholar in the music of J. S. Bach.

The congregation at HUC values the role of the Music Ministry, and Mel finds it a joy to work with the semi-professional choir. The Chancel Choir offer a wide variety of repertoire, engaging professional musicians when needed. The three manual Casavant organ and Steinway concert grand piano are both a real asset to the music program. Helping a congregation find their voice in a sacred space is a very enriching personal experience to Mel.

Our Sunday School Coordinator: Meredith Gries

Meredith Gries is a psychology undergraduate at the University of Toronto, and she has been a part of the Humbercrest United community since her baptism as an infant. Her Sunday School lessons focus mainly on the simplification and explanation of Bible scripture, as well as discussions about the Church seasons and Bible structure. Everyday examples which the children  and youth can relate to are used to make bible lessons more accessible and understandable. In particular, there is a on focus what can be learned from our weekly bible story, and how our Sunday Schoolers can practically apply these teachings to their day-to-day lives.
Our Sunday School is interactive and informal, with lots of group discussions and questioning during the lesson. The children are encouraged to actively participate by generating and sharing their ideas with the group. We follow our discussion with fun, lesson-related crafts and games, where we touch base about our past week and hear about each other’s lives. We have a different mix of kids every week, and newcomers are always welcome!

Our Office Administrator: David Drake

David Drake has been working at Humbercrest for over ten years and he is still surprised he’s working as a church  office administrator. It was a job which came ‘out of left field’, however he has come to really enjoy it. There is always a variety of tasks to keep things interesting and there is a wonderful community of people. In a previous life, David had his own photography business, he still enjoys shooting Black & White film (yes film!) and processing and printing in his own darkroom.

Whether you are curious about attending  Sunday morning worship, or are looking for a venue for your wedding or recording project, please call or email David. Or just drop by the church during regular office hours.

Our Evening Custodian: Besnik Gjunkshi

Besnik Gjunkshi is our very reliable and friendly evening custodian. Four evenings a week he can be found either monitoring the East Door or taking care of the grounds. Besnik and his wife own the wonderful Europasta, which provides catering to many Humbercrest events.

Our Cleaner: Sam Walters

Sam Walters and his team of S6 Cleaning have been with us for over a year. Things are looking spic and span around Humbercrest! Sam is a pleasure to work with- he always has a smile on his face and he’s got lot’s of energy!


Weekly musings about faith, community and life in the church from Rev Jessica McCrae